Falafel made from scratch the traditional way

Every year, the Denman Craft Fair offers two lunch venues, each packed with offerings from Denman farmers, bakers, and caterers. The focus is on local and fresh, as well as warm and comforting.

Here’s what was on offer in 2019. We expect many of these culinary stars to be back in 2022, along with a couple of new faces.

Bronwynne and Yogev of Ima’s Kitchen specialize in middle eastern cuisine. They offer savoury breakfast pastries, a selection of soups with focaccia, kale slaw, marinated root veggie salad, Majadra (rice and lentil salad),  Israeli tomato  salad,  falafel platters, hearth baked bread, hot sauces, cinnamon buns, cakes, and more. And for dessert treat yourself to their home-made vegan ice-cream cups.

Mini-pumpkin pies awaiting whipped cream

Naomi Elliot runs one of Denman Island’s few remaining heritage farms, Orkney Farm, which dates back to 1897. The farm’s free range pork, hens’ eggs, and organic apples are the ingredients for the delicious warm sandwiches on offer at the fair.  Typical offerings are bacon and egg breakfast  scramble, Veggie Eggies, sausages on a bun, Naomi’s legendary pulled pork sandwiches and mini-pumpkin pies with whipped cream, all washed down with warm apple cider. You can also purchase the delectable chutneys which are served to dress up your lunch.

Corlan Vineyards is not just a winery, it’s also a working farm with sheep, chickens, vegetables and orchard fruit – and two excellent cooks! Corlan owners Pat and Selwyn focus on comfort food and will serve up steaming bowls of borscht, butternut squash and potato leek soup, Shepherd’s Pie with farm-raised ground lamb, and vegetarian chili. While you’re buying lunch, you can also pick up a bottle or two of their wine.

LeeAndra serves up delicious vegetarian fare

LeeAndra serves up fresh vegetarian food including their popular kale-feta rolls, garlic samosas, Asian gyozas,  Asian slaw, and sesame noodle salad, full of local ingredients, which fair-goers will remember from past years.

Pun Villawood offers up Pad Thai, salad rolls, spring rolls, and Korean noodle stir fry.

The Earth Club Factory, as always, sets up their mobile food cart outside the Community Hall to serve gourmet coffees, hot chocolate, a range of classic and herbal teas, and baked goodies.

There are comforting soups at the Activity Centre, offered up by the Denman Island Parent Advisory Committee, raising funds for the Denman Island Community School.

Also, don’t miss the spectacular dessert table at the Community Hall. This is a  fundraiser for the  Denman Preschool. Bakers across the island volunteer to bring in their very best dessert item, whether that’s a decadent chocolate cake, rich Nanaimo Bar, or a (relatively) healthy energy ball. Resistance is futile!